Wednesday, July 9, 2008

~*~ Journal ~*~

I wish the detail showed up better on this journal. This is another practical and fun gift. Friends have used these for their daily journals, their prayer journals and just for keeping notes! You can use any size composition book purchased at The Dollar store, Walmart, etc. I take my decorative paper and cut it slightly larger than needed. I run it thru the Xyron and attach it to the front and back aligning to the black binding. I then take the xacto and careful trim off the excess edges. Ribbon the seam where the paper and the binding come together on back and front then decorate with stickers, buttons, ribbons, whatever you fancy! This particular has an antiquish look. You can do mod, fancy or just plain fun! Buttons are so cute on these.

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wonkoolmom said...

Marcia, I just love the journal. I use mine all the time. I am going to have to make a few for gifts.